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Collection: Bantam Chicken Breeds

All the itty bitty chickie breeds that your heart can handle!
All bantams are available April/May (weather permitting) through September. Minimum of 5 per breed. 
92 products
Cochin, Frizzled Bantam - Black
Cochin, Frizzled Bantam - Blue
Cochin, Frizzled Bantam - Red
Cochin, Frizzled Bantam - White
Cornish, Bantam - Dark
Cornish, Bantam - Red Laced White
Cubalya -Black Breasted Red
Cubalya -Wheaton
D'Uccle - Golden Neck
D'Uccle - Milie Fleur
D'Uccle - Mottled
D'Uccle - Porcelain
D'Uccle - Self Blue
D'Uccle - White
Delaware, Bantam
Dominique, Bantam
Dutch - Black
Dutch - Blue
Dutch - Golden Partridge
Dutch - Yellow Partridge