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Collection: Colored Egg Layers

Any and all breeds that lay eggs that aren't white or light browns.

All the color without the Easter Bunny!

Look here for your blues, greens, olives, russet, dark brown and even your heavy tinted bloomers!

31 products
Ameraucana - Black
Ameraucana - Blue
Ameraucana - Buff
Ameraucana - Self Blue (Lavender)
Ameraucana - Splash
Ameraucana - White
Barnevelder - Blue Laced
Chocolate Egger
Easter Eggers
Hazel Eggers - COMING SOON
Legbar - Golden Creole & Cream
Legbar - White
Liberty Eggers - COMING SOON
Marans - Black
Marans - Black Copper
Marans - Blue
Marans - Blue Copper
Marans - Blue Cuckoo