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Collection: Hatching Eggs

If you don’t want to order day old baby chicks and want to experience the thrill of hatching your own eggs and visibly watch life develop right in your own home then hatching eggs are perfect for you! We have a few options for you to order our fresh fertile chicken eggs to put under your own broody hen or your incubator.

Hatching eggs have a minimum of 3 dozen to ship. You can mix and match each dozen with 3 different breeds or keep them all the same. Each dozen ordered will ship out at the same time.

Hatching eggs must be on a separate order than ALL live chick orders.

Hatching eggs have different shipping rates than our day old fowl. You can find the shipping rates here.

Please visit our Hatching Egg Policies prior to placing your order.

We recommend letting your eggs rest pointy end down 12 hours before setting to allow the air sac to reposition correctly.


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