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Amberlink Hatching Eggs

Amberlink Hatching Eggs

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We also offer Amberlink day old chicks.
These are sold by the dozen.

Amber Links are a wonderful production hybrid. They have similar genetics as ISA Browns & Red Sex Links. Amber Links are a bit harder than other production hybrids and are an excellent winter bird. Our line of Amber Links is created by using heritage Rhode Island Red cocks over White Plymouth Rock hens.

If you are on the hunt for a docile, cold hearty, high producing layer then the Amber Link is a perfect bird for you! They are pretty chill birds for being production hybrids. They handle confinement well but also do well foraging in a pastured type environment.

Cock birds are a deep red and hens will be a soft cream color with golden amber color on their backs and wings.

Hens will lay roughly 270 large brown eggs annually.

Cocks weigh about 5 pounds.

Hens weigh around 4 pounds.