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Ameraucana - Self Blue (Lavender)

Ameraucana - Self Blue (Lavender)

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Not available for the 2023 season.

Minimum of 5 per order. 

Not to be mistaken for “Americana” or “Americauna”…..yes the spelling difference matters!! Americana is a commercial name given to Easter Eggers by the big box companies to increase sales. True Ameraucana carry 2 copies of the blue egg gene, Easter Eggers typically carry one, which allows for any egg color to be laid. True Ameraucana must abide by the standards picture below as well.

Ameraucana lineage traces all the down to Chile. Back in the 1500’s Spanish invaders were first to write about the Mapuche Indians and their chickens, the Collonia and Quetero. Over time these breeds were bred together by the natives to form what we know today as the Araucana. But you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Ameraucana? Araucana are the direct parents to our modern day Ameraucana. In 1920 Araucana were brought to the United States in small batches by audiences to a conference held for the Araucana in Chile held by Professor Salvador Castillo. One breeder of the Araucana, Mr. Keller, of the Pratt Experimental Farm in Pennsylvania is the founding father of our beloved Ameraucana. They were created by crossing various breeds to the Araucana. Over time he reached uniformity to the breed and they quickly became an American favorite.

Ameraucana were accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1984.

Ameraucana are a winter hardy bird and bred to be a dual purpose breed. Contrary to popular belief, Ameraucana can lay various shades of blue AND light to pale greens. All shades of colors located on the breeders color card are accepted egg colors of true Ameraucana. Color cards can be purchased through the breeders club. Ameraucana have pea combs and wattles are small to almost non-existent. They have both beards and muffs. Eyes are a reddish bay color. Tails should be upright and at a 45-degree angle to their body. Legs are a slate color and free from feathers. Pads of feet and skin are white.

Recognized varities are

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Blue Wheaton
  • Brown Red
  • Buff
  • Silver
  • Wheaton
  • White
  • Self Blue (Accepted January 2020)

Ameraucana come in splash but it is not yet recognized.

Temperament will vary from bird to bird in Ameraucana. Some are really skittish and flighty while others make wonderful pets and love human interaction.  They tend to keep to their own kind and will fall in the middle of your flock’s pecking order. Ameraucana are very smart birds and are said to be predator savvy. If given the opportunity, they will go broody.

Ameraucana lay around 200 eggs a year.

Cocks weigh 7-7.5 pounds.

Hens weigh 6 pounds.

As with all of our colored layers, there is no guarantee on intensity of egg colors as it’s a lottery to what genetics you will get.