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Austra White

Austra White

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Austra Whites were first developed on the 1900’s in Australia. They were the standard industry layer prior to modern day production hybrids. Austra Whites are a cross between an Australorp cock and a White Leghorn hen. This cross creates a large, meaty layer full of vigor. Austra Whites are very active birds and a lot less flighty than Leghorns but keeps their high egg producing abilities from the Leghorn side. Eggs range from an off white to cream in color.

Austra Whites are also able to produce a lot of eggs and meat on a lot less feed. They are high energy birds and love to free range. They are robust and active birds. They handle confinement well but prefer spending their time foraging for their own food.

Austra White cock birds are pure white with big, straight combs. Hens will be all white but some will have black specks throughout their plumage. Their bright white plumes can make them an easy target for predators to spot so that is something to be mindful of when allowing them to free range. They are non sitters and would rather get up and go than to sit on eggs.

Their meaty bodies, prolific egg laying capabilities and their low feed to egg ratios make them an ideal backyard bird.

Hens lay around 280 large eggs a year.

Cocks weigh 6.5 pounds.

Hens weigh 5 pounds.