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Plymouth Rock - Barred Hatching Eggs

Plymouth Rock - Barred Hatching Eggs

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We also have available day old Barred Rock chicks.

These are sold by the dozen.

A true domestic chicken breed first seen in Massachusetts around 1849, the Plymouth Rock is one of the most popular chicken breeds in North America. They rival the Rhode Island Red in productivity.

Hens have been known to lay well into their 10th year. They are pretty mellow and not known to be an aggressive breed, this includes the roosters. Plymouth Rocks are very curious and love being hand fed treats. They do have a preference to free range but still make a great family friendly flock bird. They are quiet and have a sweet nature to them that has certainly won their place in the hearts of many flock keepers. Plymouth Rocks have a great gene pool so they tend to be an overall healthy bird and can live an average of 10-12 years but some have been recorded to live up to 20 years!

Barred Plymouth rocks have a triangular shaped body. Their breasts are full and have tall backs. They are clean legged with yellow skin and flesh. Feathers are full and especially soft on the abdomen area. Barring should be a sharply defined black and white. Combs are single, 5 points.

Plymouth Rocks are very friendly, healthy, and great producers, they make for a perfect first chicken!

Hens will lay around 280 brown eggs every year.

Cocks weigh 9-10 pounds.

Hens weigh 7-8 pounds.