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Australorp - Black Hatching Eggs

Australorp - Black Hatching Eggs

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We also offer day old Black Australorp chicks.
These are sold by the dozen.

Australorps have an Australian origin and were developed from Langshans and Orpingtons. They were bred with the goal of high egg yields in mind. They became a worldly favorite in the 1920’s.

Australorp's wide bodies make for a great dual purpose table bird. They are a calm and friendly breed. Being such a docile breed makes them ideal for any family looking for a pet and a high producing bird.

Australorps have very soft, black plumage that shines with iridescent blues and greens in the sunlight. Legs are a black-slate color with white foot pads. Chicks are black with white faces and chests.

The record for laying the most eggs in a year (364 eggs!) is held by an Australorp! Australorps can be known to lay with a heavy bloom at times.

Hens lay about 300 eggs a year.

Cocks weigh 9-10 pounds full grown.

Hens will top out at 7-8 pounds.