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Brahma, Bantam - Buff
Brahma, Bantam - Buff

Brahma, Bantam - Buff

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Minimum of 5 per order.

Brahma lineage is so old that its exact heritage is unknown. Brahma can be found in for poultry use in Shanghi, China and India (now Bagledash). We do know that Brahma were primarily a meat bird in America from 1850’s-1930’s. The American Poultry recognizes this pint sized variety in 1946.

Brahmas are very large birds  for bantams with wide statures and feathered shanks and toes. They also have pea combs and dense, fluffy down. They are one of the few breeds with “beetle brow”, where the skull goes past the eyes. Though they are gentle and can go broody if you let them, their size makes it hard to brood eggs and egg breaking is common. They are very sweet and make great family birds. They also show well.

Hens will weigh around 34 ounces.

Cock birds finish out around 34 ounces.

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