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These super friendly balls of fluff originated in England. They were developed by a coachman named William Cook of Orpington. They were originally developed for a better table bird and a high yielding egg layer. The very first Orpingtons were black and developed from Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rocks. Orpingtons quickly became one of England’s favorite breeds during the 1800’s. During this time, William Cook traveled to the United States himself to sell his lines of Orpington. They quickly became a very popular bird for US farmers and became an accepted breed by the American Poultry Association in 1902.

These beautiful balls of fluff are very docile and sweet. Orpingtons are wonderful family birds and their quite nature makes them a great breed for urban flocks and chicken keepers living in small towns. They tend to go broody and make wonderful mothers. Orpingtons have wide, smooth feathers and tend to be an overall healthy bird. Orpingtons are great birds for beginners and 4H families. Their extra fluff factor and wide bodies make them cold hardy too!

Buff Orpingtons were the second variety to be created. They were bred from spangled hamburgs, dorkings and buff cochins. These golden beauties are one of the most popular varieties of Orpington in North America. Buff Orpingtons are heavy with a broad body and a low stance. They have fluffed out feathers and a curved short back with wide, smooth feathers. Shanks and feet are clean feathered with pinkish-white flesh. Beaks are pale in color and eyes are a reddish-bay color. Orpingtons have a single, 5 point comb.

Orpingtons produce about 200-280 large brown eggs a year
Cocks weigh in at 10 pounds and are table ready at around 22 weeks.
Hens will weigh around 7-8.5 pounds.