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Cinnamon Queen Hen

Cinnamon Queen

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Cinnamon Queens are a production hybrid created by breeding a Rhode Island Cock over a Rhode Island White hen. They are a dual purpose bird with exceptional laying capabilities.

Cinnamon Queens were bred to lay at an earlier age than any other hybrid. They are sometimes mistaken for Red Sex Links and Golden Comets.

Cockerels feather out white, pullets are a brownish-red. Leg color is typically yellow but every so often a greenish color can pop on chicks. It is common for hens to molt out their red color and become whiter with each molt.

Cinnamon Queens are a very robust and intelligent bird. Their fast growth rates, early & high yielding egg capabilities make this breed one of the most popular utility bird for farmers and homesteaders.

Hens will lay 250-300 extra large brown eggs a year.

Cocks grow to 9 pounds.

Hens grow to 7 pounds.