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Red Frizzled Bantam Cochin Cock
Red Frizzled Bantam Cochin Hen
Cochin, Frizzled Bantam - Red

Cochin, Frizzled Bantam - Red

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Minimum of 5 per order. 

Cochins originated from China and really became famous when they were given a gift to Queen Victoria of England. They are not very good layers but are adored the entire world for their loving personalities and major fluff factor! Cochins were introduced to North America in the 1840’s and 1850’s. They were first known as Shanghai Birds and the Cochin Chinas. Cochins are known for their heavily feathered legs and feet. It is easy to pick a Cochin out of a flock because their huge bodies and wide boxy statures; often referred to a round, heart shaped silhouette. Cochins have loose, soft feathers to add to the already huge cuddle factor. They have single combs and yellow skin, feet and legs. They are gentle and make wonderful brood mothers. Their extra fluff and wide bodies make for a cold hardy breed as well. They are content just spending their time around the feeders. Lower roosts are also needed for Cochins to prevent any leg injuries. They are not very good layers but make wonderful pets!


Hens weigh 26 ounces.


Cocks weigh 30 ounces.



Straight Run Only.

We believe in safe and healthy breeding practices here at The Chick Depot, that’s why all of our frizzled breeding pens are not frizzled bird to frizzled bird breeding, we do frizzled feathered to smooth feathered. Because of this, not all chicks will end up as a frizzled feathered bird. You will get some smooth feathered chicks in each order.