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Delawares are an American breed originating out of Delaware. They were originally set to become the main bird of the broiler industry but quickly fell out of the lime light when the Cornish Rock cross came on the scene. They quickly were on the decline to almost extinction. Fortunately for the breed, in 1940 George Ellis saw the potential of these beautiful birds and then started working towards a great meat bird with great layer capabilities. They were previously called Indian Rivers and Ohio Beauties but accepted as Delawares in 1952 by the American Poultry Association.

Delawares are a medium sized bird. They are all white with black barring on the hackles, wings and tail- it is not a true Columbian pattern because of the barring. Their single combs are large with 5 points and they have yellow skin and legs. They are a calm, friendly and quite bird. They aren’t known for being lap chickens but are quite inquisitive and very social with their keepers. They make for a good dual purpose bird.

Delaware hens are used in creating Red Sex Links.

Hens will lay around 280 large brown eggs a year.

Cocks mature to 7-8 pounds.

Hens weigh about 6 pounds.