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Brahma - Light

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The gentle giants of the poultry world stand around 30 inches tall. Often times are called the “King of All Poultry”. Brahma lineage is so old that its exact heritage is unknown. Brahma can be found in for poultry use in Shanghi, China and India (now Bagledarsh). We do know that Brahma were primarily a meat bird in America from 1850’s-1930’s. The American Poultry recognizes these varieties: buff, light and dark, but there are many other varieties like splash, blue partridge and lavender.

Brahmas are very large birds with wide statures and feathered shanks and toes. They also have pea combs and dense, fluffy down. They are one of the few breeds with “beetle brow”, where the skull goes past the eyes. Though they are gentle and can go broody if you let them, their size makes it hard to brood eggs and egg breaking is common.

Hens will lay up to 150 eggs a year.

Cocks grow to 10 pounds.

Hens mature at 8.5 pounds.

We are now offering light Brahma hatching eggs.