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New Hampshire Red pullet
New Hampshire Reds

New Hampshire Reds

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Originated in New Hampshire and derived directly from the Rhode Islands Reds, however, through selective breeding they became their own breed New Hampshire Reds are meatier than the Rhode Island Reds and won’t produce as many eggs because of this. They will however, mature and feather out faster and are even more active then the Rhode Island Reds. New Hampshire Reds are one of the very first broiler breeds used in the U.S. They became the state birds of New Hampshire in 2018 thanks to the Canaan Elementary school who petitioned to have the state bird changed.

  New Hampshire Reds differ in color from Rhode Island Reds by being a chestnut color with the occasional yellow highlights throughout their plumage. Their neck and tail feathers are both black tipped. Under feathers are pale salmon colors. They have straight combs that tend to be floppy. They aren’t very noisy and like to forage. Their meaty bodies make them cold hardy but will have to make sure your coop is moisture and free of drafts to prevent frostbite on their combs. New Hampshire Reds are very smart and inquisitive birds. They are popular for making sex linked hybrids because of their utility purposes.

New Hampshire Red hens lay 280 large brown eggs a year.

Cocks weigh around 7 pounds.

Hens will average 5 pounds.