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Polish - White
Polish - White

Polish - White

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The Polish breed's history is really unknown. However, they are a very adored breed all across the world! Polish are a very special and unique breed with their larger than life crest and "V" shaped combs. Polish are very sweet and loving birds, but if you are counting on Polish to help you supply breakfast every morning then you may find yourself disappointed with the lack of scrambled eggs on your plate. Some Polish are great layers while others not so much. It truly is a hit and miss with them.  Meat production is just as scarce with Polish too. They do however make wonderful pets and exhibition birds and are a family favorite here at The Chick Depot. Polish can be both bearded and non-bearded, come in standard or bantam sized and even frizzled. They are one of the few breeds with vaulted skulls. Colors include buff laced, gold laced, silver laced, white crested black, white crested blue, splash, white, candy corn, and tolbunt. Polish make terrible mothers. They rarely sit the full 21 days and by the rare chance they do, they quickly abandoned their young as soon as they leave the nest. A higher protein diet is also recommended for Polish birds. 

If your Polish seem to be getting really flighty and skittish as an adult bird, try trimming the feathers around the eyes so they can see whats going on.

Polish will lay about 200 medium white eggs a year, but it can take longer than other breeds for their laying cycle to kick in.

Hens weigh 4.5 pounds; Cocks weigh 6 pounds