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Production Blue Hen

Production Blues

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Production Blues are fairly new to the poultry scene. They are sometimes called Sapphire Gems, Bluebells, Blue Plymouth Rocks or Blue Rocks. They are a sex linked production hybrid resulting from breeding a Blue or Splash Andalusia cock over a Blue Barred Plymouth Rock.  Or crossed between a Rhode Island Red cock and a blue Australorp hen. They were developed in the Czech Republic over the past decade, but are very quickly becoming a backyard favorite.

Productions Blues are a great way to add a moderately great producers and a pop of color to your flock. Their vibrant lavender and blue plumes make these little egg machines the Belle of the ball. Cockerels from the barred rock breeding hatch blue with a yellow dot on their heads, pullets are all blue.

Production Blues have an upright, tall appearance similar to that of a Plymouth Rock and will also have tall, single combs. They are medium sized birds that can hold their own in any type of mixed flock. Their tight feathers and hardy bodies make for cold withstanding birds but their large combs will need extra attention to prevent frost bite. A damp and draft free coop will help prevent frostbite to the combs. Production Blues will have yellow shanks free from feathers. Females will vary in shades of dark blue and light. Some may even have gold, orange or red feathering on their heads. 

Production Blues are super friendly and docile birds. They are quickly capturing the hearts of poultry enthusiasts around the world.  They love cuddles and are no doubt the sweetest hybrid around. They are a perfect family bird and a great candidate for any first time chicken owner.

These new “it girls” of the poultry scene do wonderfully at free ranging. They are super stars when it comes to foraging for yummy morsels in your yard. They are a calm breed but still are alert and aware of their surroundings. They aren’t well known to go broody but it can be encouraged to sit.

Production Blue hens will lay upwards of 300 eggs a year.

Cocks grow to 7-8 pounds.

Hens grow to 5-6 pounds.