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Production Reds

Production Reds

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Production Reds are a production hybrid. They are a cross between an industrial strain of Rhode Island Red cock over New Hampshire Red hens. These are bred specifically to be productive layers but this cross also produces a heavier, meatier bird. They are a perfect dual purpose bird. Production Reds are one of the few production hybrids that aren’t sex linked. Both Cocks and Hens are the same color.

Production Reds are very similar in appearance to Rhode Island Reds, just a little light in color.

They can be bossy and aggressive towards other birds and will certainly be at the top of your flock’s pecking order.

If you want a low maintenance, fast growing, productive hen, then consider the Production Reds. Cock birds make for good fryers too! These are perfect market birds or birds for the homestead.

Hens lay around 300+ extra large eggs a year

Cock birds weigh around 9 pounds.

Hens will reach 7 pounds.