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Wyandotte - Red Laced Black

Wyandotte - Red Laced Black

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Wyandottes are an American breed developed in the 1870’s and named for the indigenous tribes of the United Stated. Originally they were name the American Sebrights, but changed to Wyandotte when accepted by the American Poultry Association. They are a favorite for backyard flocks because they are dependable for laying, healthy, and rather friendly.

Wyandottes are a large, heavy bird with broad frames and full breasts. They have yellow skin and clean, yellow legs. They also have a rose comb. Their robust sizes make for great table birds. And their laying capabilities make for a great homestead bird.

These American classics are calm and docile but will certainly be at the top of the pecking order. They handle confinement well but will also enjoy free ranging. They are a very talkative breed and like to stay with fowl of their own kind, so two or more Wyandottes is recommended. They are not exactly a lap chicken but are non aggressive and make for great 4H birds.

Hens lay around 200 large brown eggs a year.                              

Cocks weigh 8-9 pounds.

Hens weigh 6-7 pounds