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Red Sex Link hens with a Black Sex Link in the background

Sex Link - Red

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Red Sex Links are a production hybrid created by crossing a Rhode Island Red cock or a New Hampshire Red cock over a White Plymouth Rock or a Delaware hen. Red Sex Links are sexable as soon as they hatch. Cockerels are white and pullets are red.

 Because of their high levels of egg productivity, Red Sex Links typically live for only 2-3 years. They tend to have issues with their oviducts and reproductive systems as they age. They also mature at a faster rate than other hybrids. They are perfect for utilitarian purposes.

Red Sex Link personalities and temperaments can vary. You can have one that is very friendly and personable- a complete docile, lap chicken to her sister being very skittish and aggressive.

It is common for their plumes of reds to rusty orange to turn to white with each molt.

Hens will lay 200-280 large eggs at an earlier age than most other hens.

Cocks weigh 9 pounds.

Hens will lay 7 pounds.