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Rhode Island White

Rhode Island White

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Rhode Island White are an American breed of domestic chicken. During the late 19th century sea captain, William Tripp, bought a Malay rooster from another sea man and brought it home to breed with his current flock in Rhode Island. Later his friend would take a few flocks to help breed them in Massachusetts. Javas, Chinese Cochins, Light Brahmas, Plymouth Rocks and Brown Leghorns were some of the breeds said to help create the first Rhode Island Reds.

At first they were called Tripp’s Fowl and originally bred for utility over physical looks. This is why they can be found to come with to combs types, single comb and rose comb. Straight combs were accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1904 and rose combs in 1906. Rhode Island Reds have a long “brick” like body and plumes are bright white. Skin, legs, feet and beaks are all yellow. Feet and shanks are clean from any feather growth.

Rhode Island Whites can be docile or bossy. It really is a tossup on their dispositions. One thing for sure is they are very chatty and vocal! They make for great free rangers but will tolerate confinement if given enough room. Insufficient room can lead to them picking on other flock members. Cock birds tend to be on the aggressive side. Hens will occasionally go broody.

Rhode Island Whites are great dual purpose, healthy and independent birds!

Hens lay 260-300 brown eggs per year.

Cocks grow to 8-9 pounds

Hens mature to 6.5 pounds.