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Sex link -Black Hatching Eggs

Sex link -Black Hatching Eggs

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We also offer day old Black Sex link chicks.
These are sold by the dozen.

Also known as Black Stars, our black sex links are bred from heritage Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire Red cocks and Barred Rock hens. These are called sex links because all cocks birds will look one way and all hens will look another. Their physical features are linked to their genders. Cockerels will hatch out black with a white dot on their heads and will be barred as an adult bird. Pullets hatch out all black and will feather out black with some red around their heads, necks and some on their breasts.

Black sex link hens are very wonderful, hardy production hybrids and cocks make for great fryers. Both are equally cold hardy and over all healthy birds. Hens are docile but can sometimes be a little skittish, but this makes for excellent foragers and free ranged birds. Black sex links tend to not go as broody as much as other breeds so they make a great addition to any flock owners wanting independent producers. Cock birds tend to be a little more on the aggressive side so that is something to consider when adding one to your flock.

Hens lay around 300 brown eggs annually.

Cocks grow to 8 pounds.

Hens will grow to 6 pounds.