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Welbars are very rare and a forgotten breed. They are one of the few autosexing breeds ever created. Welbars were created around 1940 by Mr. Humphreys of Eastwrey, Devon. The basis of his breeding program came from the advice of Professor Punnet, one of the creators of the Cream Legbar.  Mr. Humphreys first crossed Welsummer and Barred Rocks and then the cockerels from this mating were back crossed to Welsummer hens to create what we know as the Welbar.

Welbars are a utility breed. Hens are high producers of dark colored eggs and roosters make for great table birds. Welbars are very active and were purposely bred to be a free ranged, commercial type bird. They are smart and have a heightened awareness for predators. Because of this they can be a little flighty. Even though they are a little skittish, Welbars are very friendly and docile. They will most likely end up on the bottom of your flock's pecking order.

Welbar cocks will have creamy gold feathers through out the body but dark gold  around the neck with black barring throughout the bird. Cockerel chicks will be very pale in color. Cream heads with a white dot on the top. Welbar hens will look very similar to the Welsummer hen, just pale in color and a light salmon colored chest. Pullet chicks look just like a Welsummer chick with chestnut fuzz and chipmunk markings. 

Hens lay over 200 teracotta colored eggs a year.

Cocks weigh around 7.5 to 8 pounds.

Hens weigh about 6 pounds.

As with all of our colored layers, there is no guarantee on intensity of egg colors as it’s a lottery to what genetics you will get.