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Welsummers or Welsumer are named after the Dutch town of Welsum, in which this breed was developed. If you travel to the town of Welsum you will find a statute erected in honor of this breed for bringing fame and fortune to the small town. Welsummers are firendly, intelligent birds. They do well at free ranging too! Hens will have nive partridge patterns with gold around the head and neck. They are famous for being portrayed as the bird on the Corn Flakes box (Cornelius is his name)! Welsummers are very docile and will be towards the top pf the pecking order. They are a fairly new breed, only 100 years old, and were admitted to the American Poultry Association in 1991 in the Continental class. Egg color ranges from a brown with dark speckles to a deep russet color.

Welsummers lay arond 160 large eggs a year.

Hens weigh about 6 pounds; Cocks weigh about 7 pounds.

As with all of our colored layers, there is no guarantee on intensity of egg colors as it’s a lottery to what genetics you will get.