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Dark Cornish

Dark Cornish

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Cornish were first known as Indian Game Chicken and were developed in England by Sir Walter Raleigh Gilbert. It is said to create this breed that he crossed Red Aseel over Black Breasted Red Game. He wanted the power of the Aseel and the speed of the Game bird to create a super fighting chicken breed. This was an obvious failure as it lost almost all of the Game bird qualities. However, we certainly can’t deny this crossing produced a very unique bird!

During the late 1800’s they were misrepresented as being the all around chicken breed, instead they may be the worst breed for domestic sustainability. Their tight, heart shaped bodies make for poor egg production. Their tight feathers make them poor birds for cold weather and they have a HUGE appetite for being such a slow growing chicken.

If you’re looking for a pet chicken, Cornish should be your last choice as they are very skittish and indecent birds.

It is not all bad with the Cornish however. They make for great exhibition birds and their slow growth produces juicy, flavorful meat. These are the type of birds to sit back and appreciate them for what they are.

White Laced Red Cornish were accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1909 as Indian Game birds but changed to Cornish Game Birds in 1905 and then later changed to Cornish in 1910 as they didn’t fit the bill for being fighting type birds. They were also moved to the English class at this time.

Hens lay around 200 tinted eggs a year.

Cocks weigh 10.5 pounds.

Hens weigh 8 pounds.