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Our Live Arrival Guarantee and Replacement Promise

The Chick Depot guarantees that you will receive a full count of live, healthy poultry on every order. Often times we place extra chicks in each box to help fulfill this guarantee. However, if losses should occur in shipment and you do receive less live birds than you ordered, we will make an adjustment either by replacing poultry (one time only also we are not able to ship just a few chicks for replacement) or issue a refund of the per bird price not including shipping and handling. However you are obligated to use a heat source that can maintain a temperature of at least 100 degrees for the first 48 hours. We also do not recommend using puppy pads, the surface can be too slippery for some breeds.

 Please open bird boxes immediately and inspect poultry. If your shipment is INSURED and you do not have a full count of live birds that you paid for, please ask the delivery agent to sign your statement of loss (PS form 1000) and send it to us immediately. Or go online to

If your shipment was NOT INSURED and you have a loss, then call us within 72 hours with a final count of your live chicks for an adjustment. This guarantee is only for the safe and live delivery of your poultry. Any losses must be reported to the hatchery within 3 days of receipt for any adjustment to be made.  At NO time will The Chick Depot accept returns of live or deceased poultry.