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Shipping Details

Due to extended wait times for import permits, we will no longer ship to Hawaii.

We reserve the right to refuse shipment when weather does not permit for a safe journey. These orders will be rescheduled. These events include frigid temps, extremely high temps, hurricane, blizzard conditions, etc. 

Please note that not all breeds and varieties are offered for shipping on the same days. And these are not included in the chick minimums for shipping.

Shipping minimums:

  • Standard sized and crested breeds: 10 chicks total per order (3 birds per breed), with the exception of our meat breeds and hatch to order breeds being 25 chicks per order.
  • Bantam breeds: 15 chicks total per order (5 birds per breed).
  • Turkey: 10 poults total (3 birds per breed)
  • Ducks: 10 birds total (3 birds per breed)
  • Geese: 8 birds total (3 birds per breed)
  • Guinea Fowl: 10 (3 birds per breed)
  • Pheasants: 35 birds per order
  • Chukar: 50 birds per order
  • Quail: 25 birds per order

Shipping requires a minimum of 10-15 birds with 3-5 birds of the same breed & variety. This means there will have to be 3 Black Copper Marans, 3 Buff Orpington, 3 Silver Laced Polish, for bantams it will be 5 splash silkies, 5 frizzled bantam cochins, 5 silver sebrights etc.

  • 3-14 chicks - $33.00  -This amount requires special handling and packaging to ensure proper warmth and safety.
  • 15-99 chicks - $16.00
At check out select the number of chicks being shipped to add on the proper shipping amount.
Alaska and Puerto Rico require an additional $15.00 fee for shipping.

Cornish Cross, Broilers, Freedom Rangers and Rainbow Basket Layers ship on separate shipments and need to be placed on their own order separate from layers, game and water fowl.

Chicks come with a live arrival guarantee, so if something terrible happens please contact me right away so that a return or replacement can be issued!

Please be sure to have your brooders set up and ready a day or two prior to your bundles of joy arrivals. Give WARM water with ELECTROLYTES before offering food. Each shipped order will include special care and handling pamphlets in with your shipping info. Please take a few moments to read that over and if you have any questions shoot me a message, give me a call, send out an email or text and I will help you as soon as possible!